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Overall energy balance = solar heat gain - heat loss. . An alternative is to use treated softwood or a wood / aluminium composite where the metal is used on the.

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Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on . Exterior roller blinds are usually made of wood, steel, aluminum, or vinyl. . medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings can reduce heat gains by 33%.

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A wood-frame window with insulated window glazing. . metal frames should have a thermal break -- an insulating plastic strip placed between the . of the incoming solar radiation through a window, reducing the solar heat gain coefficient.

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Energy efficient window design aims to maximise solar gain within the building . made of sustainably-sourced timber, preferably hardwood or treated soft wood.

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and radiation; (2) solar heat gains in .. composites of these materials. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl frames are better ... t Select special glazings (with plastic.

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wood-and-recycled PVC frame win- dows on almost . 0.32, a solar heat gain coefficient. (SHGC) of 0.26 .. surface of glass or a plastic substrate, typically using.

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Simplified heat loss through any given surface is calculated . wood, plastic, metallic with and without thermal . windows retain more of the solar gain collected.

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14 Oct 2015 . Most of the time, a passive solar home has either too much or too little solar heat gain .. earth/straw/wooden house heated by renewable energy source? ... literally built as a coated insulated block of plastic, which gets rid of.

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10 Jul 2015 . Similarly, some allow a high percentage of the sun's heat into the house, while . Clad windows – that is, wood windows that are wrapped on the exterior .. possible for triple-glazed cold-climate windows to gain more energy than they lose. ... Plastic Film Kits, Insulated Shades, and Interior Storm Windows.

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Conduction: Heat transfer through a solid material by contact of one molecule to .. Light-to-solar-gain ratio: A measure of the ability of a glazing to provide light . Muntin grilles: Wood, plastic, or metal grids designed for a single-light sash to.

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A diagram of a window shows solar heat gain through transmission and conduction. .. Laminated glass has a plastic glazing layer, called an interlayer, to improve . dioxide as it grows and retains that carbon until the wood is burnt or decays.

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Low solar heat gain windows block heat from the sun, lowering cooling costs in the . Alternatively, wood/plastic composites and fiberglass windows offer.

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4 Aug 2014 . As stated earlier, medium-colored drapes with a white plastic backing can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 33 percent if left closed during.

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ever, windows can be a source of solar heat gain if they are strategically placed and properly installed and . Window heat loss also occurs through radiation, convection, and conduction. Radiation is heat .. made of wood or extruded plastic.

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Both wood and vinyl plantation shutters act as effective insulators, although wood is . Window films are sheets of self-adhering plastic that are applied directly to . Others are designed specifically to block heat transfer and solar gain, and may.

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